Cancellations & Refunds

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you regret your purchase on XCP Protection Europe we gladly refund the purchase price paid.

You can make use of the guaranteed money back option within 14 days after you placed your order.

NOTE: We can only offer this guarantee if the returned products show no sign of use. Money Back Guarantee does not apply to business orders.

How to use the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee:

  • Send a clear message about the details of your cancellation request by e-mail to within 14 days after receiving the order.
  • Send the purchase back within 14 days after you had sent the cancellation request. Return the item or items in original packaging at your own cost.

Your rights

  • You are entitled to receive the entire amount of the paid purchase price back.
  • XCP Protection Europe shall return the transferred money in the same way it was paid.

Make sure to always be able to:

  • prove that the e-mail regarding your cancellation request was actually sent.
  • prove that the order has been returned (e.g. by providing the receipt from the postal office).
  • pay for the possible fees regarding the return of the order if not agreed differently.

XCP Protection Europe is entitled to:

  • deduct any extra shipping costs if you at the time of purchase chose a more expensive delivery type than the one XCP Protection Europe offered as default.
  • reduce the amount of money to be refunded if the value of the returned item or items has decreased because of damage or visible signs of use (refer to customary standards for product returns in physical retail outlets).


A 2-year warranty is provided for all products (not to be confused with guarantee - please note however, that there may be an extended warranty from the manufacturer).

If you wish to complain about a product that you believe is defective, we kindly ask you to contact:

Provide a full explanation of the problem - we will look into your case immediately!

Complaints must be made within a reasonable time, meaning two months from the moment you discover the error, as in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act.

NOTE: if the product is damaged during shipping, please make your complaint immediately, otherwise your warranty cannot be applied, as in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act.

How to exercise your warranty:

  • Contact XCP Protection Europe as described above.
  • After receiving approval for the return, send the goods (incl. a copy of your message about the error description) in a protective packaging to the address provided at the first inquiry.
  • XCP Protection Europe will then examine the goods. If the reported defects are detected, a repair or replacement service is offered. The repaired or replaced product will be sent back without any additional costs for the customer.
  • If no defects are found, the product will be returned at a service fee of DKK 300 incl. VAT (or at the amount equivalent to the local currency) to cover processing and freight costs.